Judge Connie is growing up


Connie intake photo, 2009.

This is why we do what we do… with all of our hearts!

Judge Connie is growing up! . . . a couple of months ago Connie, along with her classmates, were to be corporally punished (beaten) for a second time, for something she felt was unfair. We have worked with the children for years encouraging the fact that they have a voice and that we, as the “parents” must listen to that voice . . . not necessarily agree but hear it. She told her teacher, very respectfully, that the situation wasn’t fair and that she would need to be excused from the class.¬†She then picked up her backpack and came home. Shaken and teary she shared the story with me and I applauded her decision (except for the part where she had allowed herself to be beaten the first time).

January 2017, ready for school

January 2017, ready for school

The children came home and Connie shared her story with them. She then announced that when she grows up she intends upon¬†becoming a judge, because she needs to advocate for the rights of children and ensure that more children’s voices are heard and she acknowledged that there is plenty of work to do in order for her realize her dream. . . we are pretty proud of this little lady!!